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Lady Baguette Preset Pack 2

Lady Baguette Preset Pack 2


I use these presets on a daily basis as a foundation to build a beautiful edit. These have the coloring and tones I love to incorporate on my images. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Use #LadyBaguettePresets on your posts so I can see your beautiful results!

Some FAQs

Q: How many presets come in this package?
A: 5 Presets are included in this package.

Q: How do I use these presets?
A: The presets are to be used on Adobe Lightroom Software. You have to install the presets in order to use them.

Q: Why do my photos not look like your photos after I apply them?
A: If the ones you purchased don’t look exactly like the photos I share don’t be alarmed, you have to adjust the filter accordingly to make it suitable for the photo you are editing. The white balance and lighting differs from photo to photo depending on how it was shot as well as the subject. Be sure to adjust the temperature and brightness after applying preset for best outcome.

Q: Will you be releasing a how to video on using these presets?
A: Yes, I’m currently in the process of creating tutorial videos on how to properly use the presets, as well as showing you how to create your own.

Q: Do I need to shoot RAW photos in order to use these presets?
A: No, the presets will work on any of your JPEG images. It is recommended that you try and shoot in RAW as they contain the most data and information for editing.

Q: Which Lightroom version do these presets work on?
A: The presets will work on all Lightroom Classic CC.

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