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WHEN: APRIL 29TH, 2018 5-8PM


Welcome to my Beginner Portrait Photography workshop! I am excited to meet you and go on this journey to teach you everything I know about shooting portraits and how to hone your skills and excel as a portrait photographer.

This workshop will be 3 hours long with an hour and a half of shooting and an hour and a half of lessons + editing. You will have access to 3 models with you can shoot in whatever style you want. I will be watching closely and helping you whenever I see something that can improve. I will help you to dig into your creativity to push your vision become real through your photos. After shooting we will all come together grab a coffee and get into some serious conversations about shooting editing and any questions you have. I will teach you how to use Lightroom to enhance your photos and express your art.

My post shooting lessons include all of the following and more:

Understanding basic photography camera controls and functions to make more creative decisions. Train your eye to see stronger composition to have your photographs stand out from everyone else’s images. Learn to see and shoot in the best light possible. Understand and master the buttons and dials on your camera, a strong foundation of technical skills

-Creatively use composition principals to strengthen images

-Enhance your way of seeing through the camera to develop a photographic vision

-Awareness of quality of light

-Subject placement, model angles and body language.

-Learn how to properly direct models and get the most out of your shoots by working with your subject.

-Engage in the art of editing and enhancing to improve the read of your images

-Working in all manual camera setting to achieve your best exposure.

-Learn the art and techniques of subject placement in a scene to strengthen your overall composition.

-Learning great foundation in Lightroom to organize, edit and enhance your images, so they stand out on their own.

You will leave this workshop with new knowledge, skills and inspiration to motivate you to continue to grow as a portrait photographer!!

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